Hemp oil


Hemp oil is perfect for dry skin, since it prevents water loss and helps restore the skin's hydrolipid layer. In this way, it moistens the skin and prevents hair becoming oily. Apart from that, this oil does not block the pores, so it may be used by subjects with a problematic skin, including e.g. acne. Moreover, due to their regenerating qualities, cosmetics containing hemp oil are perfect for subjects with various inflammatory states (e.g. AD, psoriasis, eczema).

Hemp oil contains everything that your skin needs every day, that is vitamins (A, D, K, E), minerals, proteins, phospholipids, amino acids and carotene. It allows proper nourishment of skin, which quickly becomes soft, smooth and has equal colouring. Additionally, if you apply hemp oil preparation on your hair, you can be sure to see them grow faster, and become shiny and strong. Do you know that this oil also has properties helping in wrinkle removal? You must know that hemp oil increases the amount of skin lipids, whereby it makes the skin younger and smoother.


Hemp oil is an innovative ingredient of modern cosmetics for body and hair care. It is obtained from cold-pressed seeds of hemp (Canabis sativa). Why its effect on skin and hair is so great? Its main ingredient is linoleic acid, which is classified as polyunsaturated acid, so it shows an antibacterial, regenerative, nourishing and restoring effect. We are sure that your body will love it!


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