Macadamia oil


Macadamia oil is a great ingredient of numerous modern cosmetics for body and hair care. It is obtained from the nuts of macadamia tree, which grows e.g. in Australia. Popularity of cosmetics containing macadamia oil results from its qualities beneficial for the body. It should be emphasised that phytosterols contained in the oil protect and regenerate skin. Cosmetics containing this oil reduce inflammation and troublesome symptoms, such as itching or redness.

Moreover, thanks to the presence of acids, macadamia oil is a perfect solution for subjects with dry and mature skin. It is worth mentioning that it also contains linoleic acid, which maintains humidity of skin, thus preventing its dryness. Additionally, it forms a protective skin barrier making the skin look beautiful. Or perhaps it is important to you to slow down the aging processes?

Cosmetics with macadamia oil

Product containing macadamia oil will be a perfect solution if your skin is grey, tired and wrinkled, since thanks to palmitic acid it will become smooth and tense. Interestingly, cosmetics of this type help to handle a problematic skin. Macadamia oil moistens skin with e.g. acne or other inflammatory lesions, and also reduces accompanying symptoms. It will be also perfect for you, because cosmetics with this oil do not cause formation of an oily film on the skin. What is interesting, is that it is effective in both skin and hair care. Shampoos, masks and other hair cosmetics containing macadamia oil provide perfect nourishment, and make the hair smooth, strong and healthy.


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